Saturday, January 9, 2010

Limousine Vancouver

New Years

Happy New Years everyone! I know I'm a lil late, but I've been busy with my new college courses and boxing week shopping, haha. On New Years Eve, I took the night off work at Vancouver Limousine to spend time with some friends to do the countdown and stuff. I'm glad that transit was free on new years eve! I wonder why they do that... maybe to make sure people don't drink and drive? Haha, who knows. So..what did you all do on NYE?

Anyways.. wow, I can't believe it! It's 2010 already. That means the Vancouver 2010 Olympics are going to happen really soon! I get 2 weeks off of school for the Olympics, so I guess I'm really lucky compared to other people. However, I think I will work during the 2 weeks and watch the Olympics on TV or something. I was browsing through the internet again and I found out that TransLink is offering Olympic bus/transit passes! They'd make great souveniers! I'd like to buy one, but they're too expensive :-( and besides, I have an awesome U-Pass! If you're interested, check out this site: 2010 Games Transit Pass. Oh no, the phone is ringing, ttyl :)

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