Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vancouver Limousine

Lady GaGa Barbie Dolls!

Wow guys...

Lady GaGa even has barbie dolls made after her! OMG, i wish i were a kid again haha. i'd totally play with my sister and fight with her over the prettiest Lady Gaga doll :) I found these pics during my break at Vancouver Limousine:

Take a look!!

Lady Gaga's Hello Kitty crazy outfit... the doll is created with absolute detail! Wow!

They look really identical! I was almost fooled at first...

I think these are pretty cute, eh?

Neat shoes :)

It's the scary Kermit the Frog outfit :P

Cool hair eh?

i'm amazed with the detail of these photos!

speaking of Lady Gaga.... "Bad Romance" just came on the radio LOL!

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