Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Limo Vancouver

They're heeere!

You may ask "what's here?"

Well it's the Olympics! The Vancouver 2010 Olympics are finally here :-) I got to watch the torch run by a few times. There were even special guest appearances like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wayne Gretzky, Rick Mercer... I didn't have Olympic fever until I saw the torch run by, and I'm pretty sure over 80% of Vancouver has Olympic fever right now! Last night, I went to the Olympic store at the Hudson's Bay Company in Downtown with a couple of friends.. holy crap, we had to line up a block just to get into the store, and when we got in, the hoodie we were gonna get was sold out! That's ridiculous :(  but in the end, we got a few Olympic mascot plushies, the awesome and super warm Olympic red mittens, and a scarf. When we went out, everyone was yelling and screaming because Team Canada won the preliminary hockey game! :D

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