Saturday, April 24, 2010

Vancouver Cruise Ship Limousine

Cruise Time

The Olympics are over and my job as a Vancouver limousine driver had slowed down a bit. Luckily, cruise ships, weddings and grad seasons are kicking in VERY soon. Then I'll be driving 24/7 again. I love doing grads and wedding because people are always so happy and friendly. Not to mention, the tips are pretty lovely too. Ballantyne Pier had closed down this year due to lack of Vancouver Cruise Ships. Therefore, all of the ships are going to be at Canada Place. It is also very surprising that we are booking more Canadians than American cruise ships transfer this year. Did the US economy drop that badly? I wonder. I wish I could be one of the lucky ones and go on a cruise as well. Just sit back and enjoy an awesome 2 weeks of traveling on water. I really want to try out the Princess Cruise because I heard that the food on those ships are the best. The seafood are supposedly really fresh and delicious. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.

Here is a little introduction to Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal for you foreingners:
Canada Place is located near Gas Town, which is an awesome place to visit if you are a tourist. There are tons of brand name stores and little ice cream stores, which are perfect for a hot day. Also, there was a historical museum which was pretty neat. I do not know if the museum is still there today, but if it is, that is a great place to go to with a friend or family. Anyways, enough of Gas town and back to Canada Place. Canada place is near the Pacific Ocean, which makes it a great place to take pictures of all the different ships that come in and out. Also, Canada place is filled with delicious restaurants, great gift shops and awesome hotels such as the Pan Pacific.

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