Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SUV Limousine Vancouver

4 Days Left

Im doing a countdown till Christmas. And for those who didnt know, it is only 4 days left! Yippee! After that is boxing day. I can't wait untill I finally go shopping for myself (and not others, I dont want to sound selfish, but it sucks when you spend so much effort into getting a special gift and the receiver doesnt even appreciate it).
Im ready to spend all my money that I had made from working at my limousine job. I dont know if that's a positive thing or a negative thing. But at least Im making the bosses at my favourite clothing store happy: Garage, Urban Behaviour, Forever 21 and Mariposa are all going to love me. =) Maybe they'll even give me a discount! (oh man, i m sooo dreaming)
Anyways, this post is more about me cant waiting for boxing day then Christmas itself. Im sorry if i like receiving gifts more than giving them. But hey! im a human, what can i say?

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