Saturday, July 17, 2010

Limo Vancouver


For the past 2 weeks, I have not been feeling the summer mood. When I am not studying or doing my homework, I am working and busing tables. What have I done to myself?

I enrolled in 2 summer courses and right now, I am barely passing one of my course. However, there is still one major test left. So, I can either boost up my mark or that test is going to flunk me. For the other one, there is a test on Monday and I felt that I have not learnt anything. So, let's wait and see how the results are going to turn out for me.

I also have two jobs that add to my pile of stress. One is driving limousines as a limousine chauffer and the other is working in a resturant busing tables and cooking meals. The good thing is that work has been pretty slow, on both sides and that means that I can study more.

Now I have to go back to studying!

Talk to you soon!

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