Friday, May 14, 2010

Limousine Vancouver

A Fabulous Restaurant

I was doing a 2 hour transfer today in Downtown Vancouver. Giving the clients a tour of the shops on Robson and Davie Street. Then my eyes caught a sign that read Stepho's Greek Taverna. The outside looked like an ordinary restaurant. However, one thing that was very noticable is that all of the customers who came out of the restaurant looked really pleased with what they had came for. I made a mental note to come back to this restaurant after my transfer was over. In my defence, I was starving. I had not had lunch yet and it was already 2:00 in the afternoon. Fortunately, one out of the ten people were also hungry. Also, he noticed the same sign that I had noticed and after discussing it over with his friends, they all decided to go to that restaurant for lunch. They asked me to park the limo outside and join them for a meal. I was very grateful for the offer. It was very kind, but I couldnt do that. Suddenly, as if my stomach disagreed, it let out a big growl. My face turned beat red and I was very embarassed. They all started laughing and accepting defeat, I sat down and was ready to eat with them. It turned out that one of my friends had dated one of the guys here. In a way, we were already buddies since the start. We all got along great and it was a fun day. When we got back in the limo, everyone was stuffed. We chatted all the way home. This is a great example of how work could be fun. To bad this doesn't happen more often, but maybe that is a good thing. If it did, I would surely gain weight. 

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