Friday, June 4, 2010

Limo Vancouver

Grad Coming to an End

It was a full blown Vancouver Graduation Season. The kids were nuts. Classic Limousine was booked like crazy. But it is all dying down now since the school year is coming to an end. I made good money while it lasted but I am glad to be driving the nice quiet people again.

The grade 12 were animals. Most jumped up and down in the limo, singing and having a blast. Others were already drunk the moment they stepped into the vehicle. And thankfully there were the ones that were already exhausted from their previous events, so they were very quiet. I believed I even saw a couple sleeping because they were so damn tired.

With that said, all the people who have rented the limos all had a blast. And to the future grade 12s, book a limo for your grad and you wont regret it. I know for sure that none of my clients had.

Ps: thank god that no one had puked in the limo.

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