Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Limousine Vancouver & Whistler Limousine

This is my first post...not sure how much I will write, but I thought a blog would be a fun way to get my stories on 'paper'. Oh, I am a Vancouver limousine driver, been doing this for about 4 months now and never thought it would be so much fun.

Okay, my first post is about my recent limousine trip from Vancouver to Whistler. It was a late airport pickup at around 11pm; a couple flying in from Dallas going to Whistler for their honeymoon. Anyways when I picked them up they were like 'are you the Whistler limousine service guy?' by this time I could tell they had one too many drinks on the flight.

Anyaways, the 2 hour driver was very interesting to say the least. The kept drinking and started telling me stories about how they met at a restaurant and how they hit it off. They also told me they were going up to Whistler to go heli hiking and skiing.....very cool.

The night ended with a very nice $50 US tip, plus an invite to join them in the hot tub at their hotel.....which I would have accepted a few months ago, but I need this job for now to pay some bills (this will probably make a good post or two).

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