Monday, December 11, 2006

Vancouver & Whistler Limousine

It's raining again

Did a trip to Whistler yesterday for Whistler Limousine, still thinking I should change jobs and work for them. Rained up and down the highway. The only good part was working with Lauralee Bowie, world champion Skier. We met a lot of people and stayed at the New Four Seasons in Whistler. I got lots of calls these few days for Vancouver Limousine pricing. Boy, saw tons of skiers in Whistler now.

So I have a theory.. about the weather. It affects people's moods. When it's sunny, usually people are nice and happy. But since it's raining and snowing so much, I get some cranky customers -.- If only it were warm all the time! Oh well, who said life was fair?

Hmm lots of driving means lot of sitting around. I gotta find some time for the gym now, perhaps I'll try Georgia Athletic Club, since my beer belly's coming back, haha.

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