Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vancouver SUV Limo

Party People!

Every weekends I always get a job at Vancouver Limo taking young adults to different kinds of Bar/Nightclubs downtown with the SUV Limousine. With the music they're playing inside the SUV limo is always what I like, dubsteps/hiphop etc. I'd prefer to work with these people because I don't really mind loud music and  I understand that they can be rowdy sometimes  because of alcohol, although I make it sure that they'll get to their destination safe and fine. Just being nice to them and get them to places they want to go and although they know that the gratuity was included to the amount they paid for the trip they would still give me extra tip because I'm awesome and cool.

Sample pic I took from my phone with our SUV Limousine, looks like they're having fun with the disco lights =)  (Ps. I asked them if I can take a picture for this Blog)

So make sure to book in your night out with Vancouver Limousine and ask the office who usually does weekends nightout and book with me :)

Call us at local phone 604-874-4880


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