Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vancouver Limo

The month of October!

The cold weather is here and Halloween is coming up! Time for me to go shopping with my little niece and nephew for their Halloween costume. Wonder where I should go shopping? I heard that Value Village has a huge selection for Halloween costumes. I have never been there before. I had recently heard on the radio that Winners is also having a huge selection of Halloween Costumes. Guess I can check both stores for Halloween costumes. My nephew wants me to go and check out Zellers. There are two places that I could go, Zellers at Metrotown Centre or Zellers at Oakridge Mall in Vancouver. Guess, I will be so busy shopping for my niece and nephew. That will be so fun, going around and trying on Costumes. Hope all of you will have fun picking your Halloween Costume. Have a fun and spooky Halloween Day and don't forget to get fireworks!!!!!

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