Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vancouver Limousine


Just got off work at the Vancouver Limousine office. Oh dear, my arm still hurts from the H1N1 shot! It's been over a week. Well of course, my friend punching my arm didn't help, nor the bus door closing on my arm. Man, I think I should go get a massage, but I don't know which place is good. For sure, I don't want an accupuncture treatment, it's waaay too scary... but I guess I could also wait for it to not feel so sore so I can save myself some money :-S. What do you reckon I should do?


  1. I stumbled on your post, a little (perhaps a lot) late ;-)
    I go to everest therapeutics (at the electra health floor - downtown) for massage. I've seen three therapists there: Mark (the owner), Mike and now I am mostly going to Steve Radiloff (spelling?) who is a rolfer (very deep tissue massage). I think all three are great; but for me I've found the rolfing to be the most incredible "cure" for my long-time tightened neck and back muscles. It's not cheap (130 per session) but I see it as an investment - I absolutely never thought I'd get this kind of mobility back (4 sessions so far). You can call them 604-685-4325 or go the website: The rolfing made a hug difference for me. Andy :-)