Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vancouver Limousine


Hey guys,

I'm back again! I took a few days off work and went to the United States of America with my family for some shopping! On Friday I started my trip off by going for breakfast at a Dim Sum restaurant. After dim sum, we drove to the border and had to wait two hours for the line-up :-( that totally sucked, lol, but during that time I went into the duty free store to check out the stuff. They had a lot of alcohol on sale :P bought 3 bottles of Crown Royale for just $55! No tax and stuff like that. After the two hour wait, we drove to the Seattle Premium Outlet, I was like "OMG! I'm gonna shop like crazy!" but turns out, there weren't an good sales :-(! What is this?! It's like there isn't an economic recession at all.. I mean, the parking lots were full and there were sooo many people in the stores, I had to wait at least 15 minutes to make purchases, so after buying a hoodie, some jeans, and a t-shirt, I gave up trying to fight the crowd. I couldn't even look for a new suit for my job at Vancouver Limousine! Later on, drove to the Black Angus for a steak dinner. I had the New York Strip Sirloin for just $22 (not including tax & tip of course). After dinner, stayed at a nearby hotel called Embassy Suites and sweet! They had reception when I arrived, so I got to drink free wines and caesers ;) (well I paid lots of tips). The next morning, had a complimentary breakfast! Wow, it was a total buffet. Spent the rest of the day shopping around at the malls. Stopped by the Tulalip casino and guess what? I won $200 US! Sweet, eh? But after a few rounds on the slot machines, I had to be dragged away by my parents -- guess they don't want an addicted gambler in the family.

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